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GHREEB is an ARABIC Word Which Means Unique , Strange , Weird and NEW

and That's what's this site About....

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Pickle Lip Balm

IT’S DILL-ICIOUS – Sweet pickles are okay and all, but everyone knows that the dill is the real hero in the pickle world. Enjoy that delicious dill pickle flavor anytime, anywhere!

Bottle Opener

A of harts bottle opener great gift

Shredder Claws

Heavy-duty stainless Steel meat claws are designed for handling larger pieces of meat

Cereal on the market

POOP LIKE A CHAMPION isn't made to taste great, it’s MADE to WORK GREAT! That’s what makes it the most complete fiber formula money can buy. But if you like, crank up the flavor with a little brown sugar, syrup or honey for a sweet, deep and nutty taste.

Trump's Toilet Paper

UNIQUE & CLEVER POLITICAL GIFT: If you are looking for fun and great ways to entertain your Democrats and Republicans friends, then we got you covered. We proudly present you the funniest Donald Trump toilet paper on planet earth

Dad Beer Belly Waist Pocket

TOP PRANK GIFT -- the most lifelike waist bag like human’s belly; absolutely a grab bag gift and brings laughs to everyone in the party; perfect for Christmas party, white elephant party, anniversary, bachelor party, or special day

Funny 3D Kim kardashian cry

Kims crying funny Sweatshirt Kim printed casual 

Toilet Golf Potty

This bathroom mini golf toy game gift set with all its accessories for your toilet golfing putting practice is perfect gift ideas for any avid golfer or golfing fan, or anyone who is passionate and loves golf.

Liquid Ass

Highly concentrated, super-horrible smelling fart spray, Smells like ASS ... only worse.

30ml (1 fl oz) size enough for many room-evacuating emissions.

Potato Pal

We will send a real Idaho Potato with your custom image and optional message on it. Surprise Gift Box included

 Bacon Scented Mustache

Like some weird, macho mad scientist, we took the two most masculine things we could think of (mustaches and bacon) and mixed them into one super product.

Rubber Chicken Purse

Constructed from rubber with nylon handles and bottom.

banana style 4-port USB 2.0

Supports USB 2.0 transfer rates up to 480 Mbps. Backwards compatible with 1.1 devices and hosts

Pimple Popper Toy

The silica gel natural environmental protection materials, BPA-free, Non-Toxic, The pimple popper can be squeezing for more than 600 times and the pus can be reheated and refilled for endless fun!

Lazy Glasses

90º VISION:Turn your view to a downward 90 degree angle, eliminating the need for head movement

Want Some Tissues 

THESE KITTIES LOVE TO HELP - Keep your tissues close at hand with the help of your trusty feline friend.

Monkey Lamp

Nordic Creative Personality Hemp Rope Resin Droplight Sitting Room Monkey Lamp Study Bedroom Restaurant Light

Funny Lay's Socks

funny gift Socks Printed on lays

Grow a Girlfriend Gag

Grow a Girlfriend that doesn`t nag or complain

Just drop her in water and she grows up to 6 times her original size

Trump Scented Candle

The Trump-Scented Candle is a phenomenal deal. Just phenomenal. We’ve made a great, great candle. It combines all of the classiest smells (suntan lotion and steak) to produce an aroma that is tremendous.

 Throw Burrito

For 2-6 players. Includes 120 cards, 7 tokens, and 2 INCREDIBLY CUTE foam burritos soft enough to throw at your great-great Auntie Marlene without having to feel guilty



 Presidential Toilet Timer

FOR THE LONG-POOPER OR POO-CRASTINATOR in your life. Give the gift of time management to your #1 compoodre and instantly wipe, flush, and plunge away lavatory laziness.

Fashion mini Telephone

0.87" Smallest Size bluetooth Dialer cellphone MP3 Single card small mobile phone

Mini USB Fridge

USB powered , plug included – plug this mini fridge into your computer or any USB plug for compact cooling power

Baby MOB

Babies were never meant to be a trouble. Enjoy watching them clean your house.

Happy birthday 

Join Nicolas Cage Fan Community! Looking for a perfect Sequin Pillow Case? This one might be just for you! Exclusive vibrant Pillow Cover design, created by our in-house art designers

Underpants for Your Hands

Stylish for any occasion

Bob Ross Heat Changing Mug

When the mug is cold, the image of Bob Ross reminds you to be calm and find time in your life to create. When you pour in a hot beverage, a Bob Ross painting appears to inspire you.

Grow a Boyfriend Gag

It's not pretend when you grow the perfect friend

Add water, grows to 6-times original size 2-inches to approximately 12-inches

Bacon Strips Bandages

Ouch! That smarts! Treat your minor cuts, scrapes and scratches with the incredible healing power of meat. And if a fancy bandage isn't enough to dry up your tears

Instant underpants

Sometimes Things happen so,, always have A pair when Things Go down

We got you covered just Add water and You're welcome

Fish Beach Slippers

Funny Unisex Beach Slippers Fish Slippers Boys and girls Summer Shoes


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